Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council is in the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan for the Village (BBNP). Here you will find records of meetings and discussions and documents that are being used in the process. If you would like to contact the group or make any comments please send an email to:

Current planning processes have not been overhauled since 1947 and the current system, which has been tweaked and amended numerous times, has been deemed by the Government as too complex, outdated, unfit for purpose and favouring large investors and companies.  The UK Government published a Planning White Paper in August 2020 which sets out proposals for a new planning system throughout England.  The proposals are likely to become law during 2021.  The proposals aim at five main areas, namely to: 

  •       streamline the planning process with more democracy taking place
  •       take a radical, digital-first approach to modernise the planning process
  •       bring a new focus on design and sustainability
  •       improve infrastructure delivery in all parts of the country
  •       ensure more land is available for the homes and development people and communities need

All Local Authorities in England will be required to redraft their Local Plans in order to comply with the new planning legislation and they will have a maximum of 30 months to complete their Local Plans.


As a Parish Council we have become frustrated with the planning processes as they affect our Parish.  Our recommendations and objections on planning applications have been ignored frequently by Local Authority Planning Officers.  We view the introduction of the new planning processes, as set out in the Planning White Paper, as an opportunity for this Parish to have more influence in planning that affects our Parish.

Therefore, as a Parish Council, we have decided to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for our Parish.  We will be required to work closely with the East Riding of Yorkshire Planning Department during its development as the Neighbourhood Plan will be required to conform with, and sit alongside, the ERYC Local Plan.  We believe that the timing is opportune.

A key aspect of the Neighbourhood Plan is that it is community-led.  Therefore, all Parishioners will be entitled and encouraged to state what they would like to see in terms of both future planning development and future planning protection for the Parish.

A small Neighbourhood Plan sub-committee has been set up comprising five Parish Councillors and the Clerk to the Parish Council.  It is anticipated that additional committee members will be added as the Neighbourhood Plan develops.  The development of a Neighbourhood Plan will take time, initial estimates are that it will take 2-3 years.  Once established, the Neighbourhood Plan becomes a statutory document which sets out the terms and conditions for planning applications that have to be complied with by developers and Local Planning Authorities.  The Neighbourhood Plan establishes certainty for future planning.

Detailed information on the Planning White Paper can be found on the UK Government’s website at

Information on Neighbourhood Plans can be found on the UK Government’s website at–2

Mark Hoddinott

31st March 2021