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  1. Former deputy PM John Prescott suffers stroke

    The 81-year-old is "over the worst" and "talking", former Home Secretary Alan Johnson says.
  2. Humberside Police PC Paul Wallace jailed for theft cover-up

    A police officer who tampered with evidence to conceal the theft of cash from a dead man is jailed.
  3. Full Sutton 'super prison': Police object to plans

    The £91m Category C jail is planned near an existing high-security prison in East Yorkshire.
  4. Wind power: £100m fund aims to boost UK companies

    The offshore wind industry says the money will help to 'maximise opportunities' for UK companies.
  5. East Yorkshire father gets surgery scar tattoo to support son

    Martin Watts said six-year-old son Joey looked "upset and scared" after his heart operation.