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The Neigbourhood Watch is based in the village. Its chair is Jack Wray and its secretary is Susan Leeding.

Bishop Burton has its own Neighbourhood Watch Committee. It meets once a quarter and liaises with Humberside Police and other officials with an interest in the safety and security of the village and its inhabitants. For more details view About Neighbourhood Watch

This section contains information about the village of Bishop Burton.

Here you will find agenda and minutes of the Parish Council for Bishop Burton. More information is available in the Parish Council Overview.

The articles here are based on oil and energy exploration in the area and applications for wind farms.

This is where you can find stories and poems contributed by users of the web site. Some will be about Bishop Burton but others are of general interest. 

This where you will find articles about people who live or have lived in the village of Bishop Burton. It's a place to celebrate their achievements and their travels.

This is where our gardening tips for the year will be published. If you have some tips then feel free to create your own articles. If you have questions that you feel our users may be able to answer, then add a comment to an article if it relates to that article or use the Over the Garden Fence forum to seek advice.

This is where we'll publish games and puzzles that you may find interesting, challenging and probably time-wasting. How about taking the dreaded 11 plus? If you come across any nice games or puzzles on-line then tell us about them in the Over the fence forum suggestions thread. You can also create your own puzzle or quiz for us if you're a registered user.

All Saints ChurchWorship has taken place on the site of this beautiful building since the 8th Century and continues today with normal Sunday worship commencing at 11.00. We are a welcoming community of faith and following worship coffee and biscuits are served with folksRuth Newton staying on the chat and share fellowship. Should worship times alter or perhaps a concert organised this will be posted on the notice board or in the village magazine/website. Everyone is assured of a warm welcome.

If anyone is considering baptism, confirmation, getting married or anything else that we can assist with please do contact Reverend Ruth Newton on 01482 841875.

The church is part of the Four Towers Benefice comprising the churches of Bishop Burton, Walkington, Skidby and Rowley. More information about the benefice is available at the Four Towers benefice web site.

The Reverend David Messer began as the Vicar of the Benefice from 16th November, the date of his induction. Up to and including his first year following Ordination he worked in Local Government, managing a team of Housing Officers dealing with Housing, Homelessness and Estate Management. He became Rector of the United Benefice of Stanton, Hopton, Market Weston, Barningham, Coney Weston, Hepworth, Hinderclay and Thelnetham in Suffolk back on the 8th November 2007 following 3 years as Curate in the same Benefice. He can be reach by phone at 01482 864630 and by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Our Church Wardens are David Oxtoby who can be contacted on 01964 550346 and Trevor Thomas on 01964 551288.


Events in and for the village of Bishop Burton are organised by several groups. Please feel free to provide suggestions for future events or ideas about how they are organised or run. Do this through the Over the Fence forum. Here you will find information about specific events that we are organising or have organised. We especially welcome feedback on previous events that can help us improve events for the future.

The Bishop Burton Parochial Church Council (PCC) is responsible for All Saints' Church in Bishop Burton. The Council meets on a quarterly basis and its minutes are published as and when authorised. Its secretary Jenny Macrae my be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   The church is part of the Four Towers benefice comprising the churches of Bishop Burton, Walkington, Skidby and Rowley. More information about the benefice is available at the Four Towers benefice web site.


A group of people formed the Friends of All Saints' Church, Bishop Burton (FASBB) in late 2015. Their objective was to help maintain and promote the church as a community resource concentrating on the fabric of the church. The Friends will be active in raising funds for the development of the church - this includes organising events and securing donations and sponsorship.

The Friends have elected a Committee to direct its activities. It is chaired by Rowland Bridgewater and its members are Rebecca Chester, Bryn Jones, Nigel Penton, Jan Biden/Margaret Hebb, Sue Thomas and Jack Wray.

If you wish to be a member of the Friends or find out more about us, please complete an application form using the attachment below or email your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or speak to any member of the committee. The approved constitution may be viewed below.

All Saints Church is part of the Four Towers benefice comprising the churches of Bishop Burton, Walkington, Skidby and Rowley. More information is available at the Four Towers benefice web site.

Bishop Burton can be traced back to before the Doomsday Book. Here articles about its history and its characters may be found. You might want to start with an Introduction to the History of Bishop Burton or Old Maps of Bishop Burton.

Here are some transcriptions of the parish registers and analyses of census returns.

This category contains information and images about the pupils, teachers and buildings that formed the primary school in Bishop Burton. We are particularly interested in group photographs and we hope to complete the lists of names of those appear in the photographs together with information about what happened to them afterwards and what connection they now have to the village. If you have group photos that are not on the web site already please send them to Bryn Jones. He will scan them and load them onto the web site, returning the originals to you. Alternatively, scan them yourself and send them to him as an email attachment.

Here you will find guidance notes on the use of the web site and administrative documents and policies.

These documents provide you with help on most aspects of using the Bishop Burton web site. Please feel free to add helpful comments to any of the articles that you feel could help other users of the site. You may also want to have a look at the FAQs (frequently asked questions) part of the Over the Fence forum. FAQs and support shows you how to get to this facility. 

Here you will find the key administrative documents that govern use of the Bishop Burton village web site.

This category should be used to identify articles that are not yet ready to be published on the Bishop Burton web site.

News items available through local media outlets are shown here.

Here we show some RSS news feeds that will be of relevance to the village of Bishop Burton.

If you have interesting news about the village of Bishop Burton that does not belong in any other category then feel free to add it here.

Here you will find the entire contents of the Bishop Burton newsletter that is published every alternate month.

here you will find news about the Walking and Climbing Company that origanises trips to the Himalayas and is based in the village.

Bishop Burton has a number of thriving societies and groups. For a full list see Village Groups

The Bishop Burton Golf Society meets once or twice each year and we play on courses in the area. There is no membership fee and both men and women are members of the society. Everyone is welcome whatever their standard of golf.

The Bishop Burton Country Friends  group is for women and men of the village. We meet regularly and have presentations by interesting speakers on a variety of topics. It was previously part of the Yorkshire Countrywomens Association.

The friends of the Bishop Burton War Memorial are a small group of villagers whose aim is to maintain the war memorial in the village. The group is chaired by Ben Byass.

The Readers Group is for anyone who wants to share their experience of good (and bad!) books. We try to read a book each month that we then discuss in the pub. You can also post reviews of books in the forum and suggestions for others to read. To find out more contact Gina Douthwaite.

This is a society that started on 19th January 2010. Anyone can join in - no expertise is required. Contact Bryn Jones if you're interested. There's a forum on the web site but not much on it yet. The group stopped meeting in 2012 but it may be resurrected if there is a demand.

The Bishop Burton Village Choir was established at the beginning of 2012. It is a mixed choir and is open to any villager or other persons vaguely or otherwise connected with the village. Its musical director is Heidi Knight. If you are interested in the choir please contact Bryn Jones on 01964 550255 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Susan Leeding. We meet Tuesday evenings in term-time at the Granary, Westfield farm.

You can view here the Choir repertoire


The Bee Bees Playgroup closed in March 2013 but there is an active group engaged in creating a childrens' playground in the village.

There are a number of Village Groups in Bishop Burton. Some have their own areas within the web site while others just feature in the newsletter and the calendar. For more information including contact details view the  Village Groups article below.

  • Bishop Burton Countryside Friends
  • Bishop Burton Darby & Joan
  • Soft furnishing and sewing including decorative techniques
  • Bishop Burton Village Choir (meets at Westfield Farm)
  • Coffee morning
  • Beverley Stroke Club
  • Bishop Burton Bowls
  • Fun Pet Dog Training
  • Golf Society
  • Latin American Dance Classes
  • Yoga Classes

In this section of the web site information is available about services provided by local companies. We have also put together a list of useful web sites. If you are logged in, then you may also access a list of users of the web site.


Here we will display information about supplies and services available in the village of Bishop Burton or its immediate vicinity. We will not allow advertising by organisations and companies that have no connection with the village of Bishop Burton.

This section allows users to get rid of unwanted items and to see if anyone in the village has an item they might need. To add an item to the list of wants or don't wants, use the "Submit an Article" option on the main menu after logging in or click here..

If you need something that someone might be willing to sell or lend to you then add it to this list. Compose a message to contact the user.
If you have something that you would like to get rid of then tell us about it here. Maybe someone else will want it. Compose a message to contact the user.

This part of the web site is under development and the entries are just examples.

This is where the bloggers of Bishop Burton can put their blogs. Blog is short for weblog - it is really a form of online diary where your thoughts are shared by visitors to the web site. If you would like your own blog please contact Bryn Jones on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

This is where you will find Bryn's thoughts mostly on running the Bishop Burton web site and research that I am doing. I promise not to provide a running commentary on my golfing exploits (or lack of them)

Heather Hayward lives at Cold Harbour Farm. Her blog records activities on the farm. Cold Harbour farm has its own web site at


Molly is a black labrador aged 15 months.

The blog of Susan Leeding, editor f the Bishop Burton Newsletter