The cooks were out in force on 6th March serving up a marvellous confection in Bishop Burton Village Hall to accompany the Hut People. Pork Surpise (stew) with jacket potatoes and Zingy Rhubarb Cobbler were on the menu and what a great meal it was. Talking of cobblers, Sam Pirt of the Hut people brought his own clogs to the party and gave a very impressive display of Quebecois foot-percussion while playing the accordion. He also brought his own board otherwise the stage might have collapsed with the thump of his clogs.

That was just one of the many surpises that the evening gave up. Gary Hammond brought us a small selection of his 900+ percussion instruments.  He claims never to have owned a drum kit but it's probably the only thing he hasn't got. Who would have thought you could have an instrument made of a tube of wood with a curtain wire hanging out of it that would make a sound like the sea washing over a beach. It's very hard to explain what they do but they pick up tunes from all over the world Quebec to Spain, Scandinavia to Sussex and everywhere in between.

Gary's from Bethnal Green originally but is now based in Hull. I spent the first half of the show trying to think where Sam's voice came from. Then as I was having a drink at the well stocked bar, it came to me - he sounded very like Johnny Vegas doing his stand-up routine so he might come from St. Helens.

Congratulations and thanks to the Hut People, the Village Hall Committee and Artery Live for another great show in the Village Hall. The audience were well satisfied with the Hut People and the excellent meal.

If you missed the show then you can get some of its flavour by visiting the Hut People's web site or buying one of their CDs.