Official documents have now all been created and agreed by the Friends committee, so we are now in a position to begin to plan some exciting events that we hope residents of the village and their extended families will attend and enjoy throughout the year.

The first exciting announcement is to congratulate Noah Bejarano, as the winner of the 'design a logo' competition. There were several lovely designs, Noah's was chosen as the winning entry by the committee members, although congratulations and thanks go to all of those who submitted an entry. Noah wins an Easter Egg for his efforts and a small Easter treat is waiting at 'The Manse', Callas for Rachel & Gabriel Bejarano and William, Imogen and Beatrice Quest - well done to you all and thank you once again for participating.

We hope families of the village and extended family and friends will come along and support the Friends of the Church group, there are other events planned throughout the year also. Keep an eye out for updates around the village!

If you can offer your help with any events, please contact the Friends group by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thanks for your support in raising the profile of our fantastic Church.

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