Just a brief update on the progress of the Friends of All Saints’ Church group. As many of you are aware, there is a growing group of people, from both the village and afar, who are keen to offer their help to raise the profile of our beautiful village church, support the fabric and open the church to the wider community.

The group met on 9th December to begin the process of allocating roles and responsibilities, which was completed quite successfully! Discussions were held on how the ‘Friends’ group would operate and what kind of events could be held at the Church.

Everybody heartily agreed that the main priority was to help the ‘Kitchen and Loo’ fund, as without these, events within the church are very limited. This is therefore going to be the initial focal point of the ‘Friends’ group, and all events and opportunities for the ‘Friends’ to support will link into this.
It was also decided we would launch a ‘Design a Logo’ competition, to represent the ‘Friends’ group. All age groups are encouraged to join in - further details will follow!

The structured committee will continue to meet throughout 2016, so please get in touch with us, we would very much like to hear of your ideas and thoughts for the way forward. A ‘Friends’ email address has been established so you can send us your ideas and for us to send out details of events throughout the year. Please add this address to your contacts list! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please do get in touch; we cannot do this without support from the wider community. Thank you

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