This is to inform you that the next meeting of the Parish Council is to be held on Tuesday 21 October commencing at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.  Should you have any issues of concern please ensure that they are forwarded to the Clerk as soon as possible.  Please remember that you are always welcome to attend these meetings.

Ms Anne Padgett

Parish Clerk



1.             Apologies for absence   

2.               Declaration of Members' Interests

3.               Open Forum - matters of concern to be forwarded to the Clerk prior to the meeting.

4.               Minutes of previous meetings - attached

5.               Matters Arising:

                a)            School House/War Memorial

                b)            Cottage Field drain

                c)             Litter bins

                d)            North End road signs

                e)             Little Green road repairs

                f)             Traffic calming

                g)             Finkle Street handrail

                h)            Broadband

                i)              Fish/cleaning the Mere


6.       Planning


                                Details regarding planning applications to be brought to the meeting.


            7.    Finance


                                Details to date attached as a spreadsheet.


                                Expenditure to be approved:            J R Turnbull - grass cutting             £1339.50

                                                                                    Yorkshire Water                                £38.41

                                                                                    Clerks salary plus expenditure          £260.24

                                                                                    B.B. Village Hall                              £611.00

                                                                                    B.B. Darby & Joan Club                    £316.00

                                                                                    B.B. Parochial Church Council          £349.00

                                                                                    B.B. Parochial Church Council            £31.00

                                                                                    B.B. News                                      £311.00

                                                                                    B.B. Newsletter                                 £50.00

                                                                                    B.B. Indoor Bowls                               £5.00

                                                                                    Ralph Hansby Charity                      £311.00


                                Precept 2009/10



                8.             Any other business


                                a)            StreetScene

                                b)            Bishop Burton website

                                c)             Meeting dates for 2009

                9.             Correspondence


                                Details regarding correspondence will be brought to the meeting


                10.          Any other issues of concern


                11.          Date of next meeting