The following years have so far been transcribed from the Bishop Burton School Log:

1863 John S Dunning

1864 John S Dunning

1865 John S Dunning

1873 Bryn Jones

1883 John S Dunning

1893 Alison Gibson

1894 Alison Gibson

1895 Alison Gibson

1896 Alison Gibson

1897 Alison Gibson

1898 Alison Gibson

1899 Bryn Jones

1900 Bryn Jones

1903 Bryn Jones

1914 Bryn Jones

1915 Bryn Jones

1916 Bryn Jones

1927 Bryn Jones

1939 Bryn Jones

1970 Bryn Jones

1985 Bryn Jones

1986 Bryn Jones

If you would like to transcribe a year's entries please contact any of the above or Bryn Jones via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The transcriptions are available as attachments to this article for download. Please add comments to each transcription if you are able to add to the editorial notes. They will then be incorporated into the transcriptions. 

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