From Parish Council Meeting 7 July 2014


  • Playground – Currently over £8,000has been raised. Grant bids for WREN and Awards for All to be submitted shortly. Parish Council will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance once built.
  • Rathlin – Protestors are preventing Rathlin from gaining access to the Crawberry Hill site to empty the bund. The environment agency (EA)have confirmed the protestors are responsible for ensuring that the water collecting in the bund is not allowed to overflow into the surrounding field and is removed and disposed of appropriately. The Parish Council has written to the EA expressing its concern.
  • World War Commemoration – Price of a plaque in wood replicating that on the memorial to be investigated.
  • Parking along Puddingate and by Johnsons pond–Cones have been used to deter all day parking. Whilst they seem effective in the short term they are not a long term solution. Clerk to contact ERYC to enquire of ERYC to see if resident parking can be combined with yellow lines.


Date of next full Parish Council meeting –29 September 2014 - 7.30pm

Please note we have an Open Forum at all the meetings if you have anything you wish to speak to the Parish Council about. Topics to be given to the Chairman or Clerk 5 days prior to the meeting.


Margaret Hebb



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