Transcribed by: Bryn Jones

The school head was Mrs Jeanette Swann for the whole year.

Teachers:      Miss Storey, Miss Scaife

In 1914, King George V was on the throne and Asquith was the prime minister. World War 1 began in August. The first vessel passed through the locks of the Panama Canal. Babe Ruth made his debut in major league baseball. Everton won the Division 1 football championship; Spurs were relegated to division 2 but this did not take effect until the end of the war.



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Average for week 73 Percentage 96. Started year with 76 names on the Register. Re-arranged classes and began New Year's Work. Miss George visited the school on Thursday and Rev W. A. Pearman on Wednesday.

Staff: Mrs Swann C.M. Stds IV - VII

Miss Storey U. Stds II & III

Miss Scaife S. St. I & Inf





Average for week 75.1 Percentage 98.8 All present six times. Arithmetic class books are not yet to hand nor Geography Readers and Poetry Books and work has had to be oral in these subjects. Leave at 3.30 this afternoon that room may be prepared for dance tonight.




Average for week 74.8 Percentage 98.4 Remainder of books to hand and New Year's work really begun this week. Are starting with Phillips Explanatory Arithmetic throughout the school. Work and conduct of children satisfactory. Mrs Eyre visited the school on Monday afternoon.




Average for week 74.1 Percentage 98 Usual lessons taken except that on Monday afternoon a Country Dance was taken in the Upper Class instead of Drill. Holiday tomorrow to get school ready for entertainment.




Average for week 74.4 Percentage 99 All present four times this week. Elder girls have used Sewing Machine in Needlework lessons this week. Work and conduct fairly satisfactory.




Average for week 73.1 Percentage 97.5 Usual lessons taken and conduct on the whole satisfactory.




Average for week 71.2 Percentage 98.9 Ernest, Harry and Laura Danby have left - gone to Walkington. Children had half-an-hour on the Green on Tuesday to see the Foxhounds meet. Elder girls have begun the cutting out of their garments for the year.

Walkington is the nearest village to Bishop Burton, about 2 miles to the south.

The hounds are probably those of the Holderness Hunt based in the village of Etton three miles to the north and still in existence today.



Average for week 70.2 Percentage 98.9 Edith Robinson has left with a Cond Labour Certificate. Had the usual half-day holiday on Shrove Tuesday afternoon. Elder girls are still cutting out. Work and conduct satisfactory.




The attendance correctly recorded. W. A. Pearman




Average for week 70.5 Percentage 99.3 Usual lessons taken and work satisfactory on the whole, also conduct. Doris Hayton complained of twice this week as a dirty child.




Average for week 68 Percentage 95 Elsie Messenger absent since Monday with a bad cold, and Gladys Wilson, our lame child, because her mail cart has broken down. Work and conduct on the whole satisfactory.




Average for week 68.8 Percentage 96.0 Gladys Wilson is still absent because of her mail cart. Very wet on Wednesday morning and poor attendance. Harold Leach has left to be apprenticed as a draper. Admitted Olive Robinson to Infants (??)




Mr Firth, H.M.I., paid a short visit and checked the Class registers




Average for week 64.7 Percentage 91.1 Many children suffering from colds and several away all week. A perfect chorus of coughs at times in school. Work and conduct fairly satisfactory.




Average for week 65.2 Percentage 91.8 Colds still prevalent. Several children better and returned to school, others away. Have taken the End of Term Examinations in the lower classes with fairly satisfactory results.




Average for week 65.6 Percentage 92.4 Have finished Examinations throughout the school - fairly good results. Leave off today for short Easter Holiday.




Opened school again Wednesday. Average for week 66.2 Percentage 93 Three children still absent with colds. Usual lessons taken and work and conduct satisfactory.




Checked the Registers and found them correct. Julia Eyre April 22nd.



24- Apr-1914

Average for week 66 Percentage 93 Gladys and John Wilson absent all week - away from home. Mary Botterill and Dora Curtis absent through illness. Mrs Eyre brought in two visitors on Wednesday and stayed for the singing lesson.




Took twenty of the elder children to Beverley to the Picture Playhouse to see Sixty Years a Queen

The Picture Playhouse is in the corner of Saturday Market in Beverley but closed as a cinema in 2005. The film referred to was about Queen Victoria who reigned from 1837 to 1901. Produced and directed by silent movie pioneer, Will Barker, this was the first major picture to be produced at the legendary Ealing Studios, which he founded. Only a few seconds of the film still exist. They depict the young queen being told of her accession to the throne and can be seen in the documentary, 'Forever Ealing'.



Average for week 67.8 Percentage 95.5 Annie Sanderson very naughty two days this week - punished her yesterday for dishonest work. Today she has done better. Usual lessons taken. Very cold today.




Average for week 69.2 Percentage 97.5 Usual lessons taken. Work and conduct fairly good.




Average for week 68 Percentage 95.8 Wilson Clapham, an Infant, has been absent all week having pulled the kettle over on himself and scalded his foot. Found fault with dirty boots among upper boys. Work and conduct fairly good.




Average for week 69.6 Percentage 98 Dora Curtis has returned to school after a week's absence. Wilson Clapham is still absent. Kept today as Empire Day. Children had a lesson on Empire and sang Empire songs and saluted the flag this afternoon.

Empire Day was officially  24th May, the date of the late Queen Victoria's birthday. It was celebrated from 1902 to 1958. For more information refer to




Average for week 69 Percentage 98 Little girls have given extra time to needlework. Wilson Clapham is still absent. Stds I,II & II had a lesson at the pond side on Tuesday afternoon on "The trees around the pond." Leave off today for Whitsuntide Holiday - 1 week




Average for week 68.7 Percentage 96 Wilson Clapham has returned to school. Margery Huzzard is absent - away from home. Little girls have again given extra time to sewing. Mrs Eyre visited the school yesterday afternoon.




Average for week 69.6 Percentage 98 All children in attendance this week. Miss Turner from the County Hall visited the school on Wednesday morning. Had a holiday yesterday for the Club Feast.

Club Feasts seemed to take place around Whitsun and involve a dance and a parade. Not sure whether this is in BB or in Walkington. Picture of Walkington club feast in 1905 is available on the internet.



Average for week 69.9 Percentage 97.7 Miss Woods of Bainton, Mrs Eyre and Miss Cayley visited the school on Tuesday morning and saw the Country Dances. Usual lessons proceeded with. Closed half an hour earlier than usual this afternoon as so many children were going to the Baptist Tea.




Average for week 68.7 Percentage 95.4 Very hot on three days this week and work difficult. Wet weather today and five children absent. Some of the girls have given extra time to Needlework.




Average for week 72.2 Percentage 98.? Admitted two children to Infants Class. Some girls have again given extra time to Needlework. Miss Scaife absent yesterday and today "Inflamed Meibomia Follicle"

The meibomia follicles are the sebaceous glands that lie under the conjunctiva of the eyelid



The attendance correctly recorded. W A Pearman




Average for week 73.5 Percentage 99 Have deviated somewhat from the Time-table this week in order to get Show work finished. Mrs Eyre visited the school this afternoon.




Average for week 71 Percentage 95 Margery Huzzard absent all week through sickness. Have again somewhat deviated from Time-table to get work finished which is to be judged tomorrow and for which children get £5 in money prizes.

£5 in 1914 was worth £344 in 2007 using RPI, and £1800 calculated by reference to average earnings.



Mr Firth H.M.I. visited the school.




Holiday for the Rose Show

The Rose Show began in 1891 and ended in 1928.



Average for week 72.4 Percentage 97.7 Work somewhat disorganised this week owing to Show, which was a great success. Children did their Maypole and Country Dances creditably. Leave off today for Summer Holiday - six weeks.




Re-opened school with seventy children present out of seventy six. During the holidays, the school and the class-rooms have been thoroughly cleaned, distempered and painted. Half the girls' yard and a wide strip in the boys' have been cemented.


Outbreak of the Great European War England declared against Germany Aug 4th.

Distemper is a kind of paint having a base of glue or size, used on walls.




Average for the week 71.4 Percentage 92. Two children have met with accidents during the holiday. Olive Robinson has broken her arm and has been in Hull Infirmary for some weeks - is not yet able to attend school. Wilfred Sharp fell off a stack - a fork fell after him and injured his head and he is still in the Cottage Hospital though making good progress.

The Cottage Hospital was in Beverley at the corner of Mill Lane and Morton Lane.



Average for the week 75.5 Percentage 96. Usual work proceeded with except that a little time is spent each morning talking over War News.




Medical Inspection by Dr Reedman. 35 children examined. The children sent about two stones of apples to the soldiers on Westwood this morning.

The Westwood was a military encampment during and before the war much used for training exercises.



Average for the week 74.7 Percentage 96.8 Usual work proceeded with and work and conduct fairly good. Miss O Cayley and her niece visited the school this afternoon.

This is probably Miss Octavia Cayley a younger sister of Mrs Eyre, the lady of the manor. Not sure who the niece is.



Average for the week 71.8 Percentage 93 Several children absent from school with slight ailments. Work and conduct of children fairly good.




Average for the week 70.8 Percentage 92.8 Usual lessons proceeded with. Children have learnt the National Songs of our Allies and the girls are busy knitting for soldiers.




Average for the week 71.9 Percentage 94.4 Many hands complained of - stained with walnuts.




Average for the week 72.8 Percentage 95.8 Usual lessons taken and work and conduct on the whole satisfactory. Two children still absent as the result of accidents.




Average for the week 73.5 Percentage 96 Wilfred Sharp returned to school this week after 7 weeks absence. He has had a serious injury to his head. Usual lesson taken. Have a half-day holiday today because of Congregational Tea.




Average for the week 75.7 Percentage ? Usual lessons taken and work and conduct fairly good. The children are handing to Mrs Eyre today for distribution among soldiers 12 scarves, 9 prs socks, 7 prs cuffs, 6 body belts the wool for which has been provided from a weekly collection.




Average for the week 73.5 Percentage 96.9 Have given extra time to singing this week in preparation for a Concert tonight.


Checked the Register and found it correct.

Julia Eyre Dec 1914





?? no entry




Average for the week 64.9 Percentage 87.3 Mary Botterill has Scarlet fever. Three other children are under the Doctor, one with a sore throat and two others with sore throat and rose rash. Several others have been absent with colds and sore throats. The children sent off this week socks, cuffs & scarves to two old school boys who are in the Navy, & belts, socks and cuffs to two boys at the Front, with Christmas wishes.

We're not sure who these men are. Some old boys visited the school later in the war.



Average for the week 64.6 Percentage 87.1 Many children still absent with severe colds. Mrs Eyre visited the school yesterday. Have taken examinations in the lower classes with fairly satisfactory results.




Average for the week 68.7 Percentage 92.7 The children have sent off the week socks, cuffs and scarves to our old boys who are in the Navy or Army with letters containing Christmas wishes. The knitted garments sent off total 100, the wool being paid for from the weekly collection mostly.

The list of old boys of the school who took part in the war used to be in the school but is now on the wall of All Saints' Church.



Miss Storey absent this afternoon to represent the school at the funeral of Miss Johnson a former teacher here.




Average for the week 65.5 Percentage 88 Leave off today for Christmas Holidays.




End of Bishop Burton School Log 1914


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