A BIG THANK YOU to all those who use the Bottle Bank in the Altisidora car park. Your efforts enabled us to raise £150 in the last financial year for the village hall. This helps to keep the charges for the village hall low and the quality high.

If you are new to the village – Welcome, and please, if you are able, take your glass to the bottle bank in the Altisidora car park and enable us to raise even more money. Also you are most welcome to join us at the “weekend live” events in the village hall – there are some great things coming up – flyer enclosed. As part of this you will also be contributing to the bottle bank as naturally that’s where all the empties go.
Be assured the bottle bank takes all glass colours – irrespective of what the actual container may say. If you find it is getting full please give me a call and I will arrange for it to be emptied.

Margaret Hebb – Treasurer – Bishop Burton Village Hall TEL. 551315


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