There are sure signs of spring's advent among our wild-life.


The usual flock of grey-lag geese have flown in, ready for the breeding season, and the mallard drakes are looking resplendent in their courting plumage.


The smaller birds are beginning to pair up and mark their territory.  We are using this delightful drawing by the late Bill Waddingham as our Front Cover this month. We used it previously in March 2003.  It shows a pair of Blue Tits, one of our favourite garden birds. Many of us put nut holders out so that we can watch their acrobatics when feeding (Mine has to be squirrel proof, or there would be none left for the birds!)

Joan Pillmoor

I was reminded by Doris Ellerker Leland that her great grandfather’s, whose picture was on our cover last time, name was Michael and not George. My apologies have already winged their way to Ontario.  I had a nice letter from Madge Maplesden to say that she was settling in but could not get out and about much because of snow in Germany.  How international can you get?!


To the Village Hall committee who work so hard to give us some memorable evenings again excelled on the 9th February with A Thousand Kisses Deep.  Christine Tobin and her two accompanists certainly lived up to their billing of ‘A jewel of the London jazz scene’ and the food was again excellent.  The village hall was just about full with the audience having travelled from far and near.  A very memorable evening but what a pity so many Bishop Burtonians missed out.


May we please have your articles for the May 2014 edition before the 23rd March.  Thank you.                                          Editor


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