We had a good attendance at the Village Hall AGM which was held in the Village Hall on 12th July 2013. As part of the Agenda we considered the Constitution of the Village Hall which was made in February 1954. In spite of the length of time which has elapsed since it was written the constitution still holds true, albeit the language used is not quite how we would write it today... "the Trust Property shall be held for the purposes of physical and mental training and recreation and social, moral and intellectual development .... for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Bishop Burton." The village hall committee was made up of representatives of various village organisations – the Parish Council, Women's Institute, Parochial Church Council, Baptist and Methodist Church, Oddfellows, Women's Voluntary Service, and Bishop Burton Football, Cricket and Tennis Clubs. Our current committee is not as diverse but we would welcome some new members. We have already agreed meeting dates for the coming year Friday 6th September, Friday 10th January 2014 and Friday 2nd May 2014 – all to start at 7.30 pm and to be held in the small meeting room of the village hall. If you feel you would like to contribute please contact me on 01964 551543 or just come along.

As a separate flyer you will see our 'Weekend Live' programme which begins with a Cinema showing of Quartet on Saturday 14th September, and will be on the second Saturday in the months of October and November. Funding has been made available for Cine Yorkshire up until Christmas with the hope that it will continue in the New Year. We have also booked three live performances with Artery (the group which gave us Shoo Shoo Baby and Jay Phelps). Due to the demand for these wonderful shows we have not been able to secure Saturday night performances but two Fridays and a Sunday. See press and flyers for further details.

Please can we have your donations of cakes, books, CDs and DVDs as soon as possible? To widen our fund raising efforts I have booked the charity stall in Saturday Market on 14th September 9 am to 12 noon. Proceeds from the charity stall will be shared amongst the Village Hall, All Saints Church and the Playground Group. Your donations can be dropped off to Ann Cherry (School Green 01964 550433), Mandy Thomlinson (The Old Policehouse on School Green), or Margaret Hebb (Dunvegan Cottage, Puddingate). If you need us to collect from you please telephone me Charleyne Wright 01964 551543. Thank you in anticipation of your help and if you can't donate please visit the stall in Saturday Market on 14th September.

Charleyne Wright
Chair person

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