I found this delightful drawing in the late David Robinson's box. It is appropriate to use it as our front cover this month, as November is when the hedgehog starts to think of hibernating. They try to make a cosy nest in a pile of leaves and brushwood, so we must be vigilant before lighting a bonfire, just in case one is hiding inside.

hedgehogTheir numbers have decreased alarming in recent years. A lot are killed on the roads as they are night-time foragers with poor vision, but that alone cannot be the reason for their demise. Loss of habitat must also be a factor together with fencing which stops them roaming from garden to garden. Most people would welcome one in their garden as their diet consists of mainly slugs, snails, beetles etc. hence they are called 'the gardener's friend.

Joan Pillmoor

I have been asked to mention in this newsletter about the speed which vehicles travel around our village. We have had some scary moments with students flexing their accelerators but this time it seems to be the inhabitants who live in our village. Yes, we residents seem to be dashing along single track roads and round blind bends without a care for other road users or pedestrians maybe with children or dogs.

So, a message to all drivers please, drive carefully in and around our village and set an example to others to do the same. This also includes avoiding driving on the verges now that the wet weather has softened them.

One last grouse – would the person who has left full pink poo bags on Joby Lane please remove them and bin them which is where they should be put.

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Can we please have your articles for the January 2014 edition before 29th December 2013. Thank you very much.

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