Our cover picture is of George Ellerker who was born in Bishop Burton in 1825. In 1852 he left Hull in a sailing ship and emigrated to Canada. This photo was taken on Christmas Day 1913 when George was leaving for home to return to his own farm. He died in 1915 at Warwick, Ontario.

His great granddaughter is Doris Ellerker-Leland and she visited Bishop Burton in the 1980’s where she met the Dunning family and to this day Dorothy Dunning and Doris correspond and Dorothy also sends her our Newsletter.

We are delighted to be able to put the photo on our cover and thank Doris for sending it to us and send her greetings from Bishop Burton.


This is the time of year that we like to thank all those in the village who worked hard over the past year at providing us with entertainment and keeping the village in good order. The Village Hall Committee are to be congratulated on the revitalisation of the village hall and for the entertainment they are providing. If you have not yet sampled the evenings then you are missing out on some great fun – Six Impossible Things – and the films have been good too. To have our own pantomime in the village is rather amazing and great fun so congratulations to Mike Lund for all the years he has been the chief in charge. By the length of the Parish Council Minutes the Parish Clerk is another who is working hard and we thank her and the Parish Council for looking after the village. The Playground Group are full of energy and we wish them success in raising enough money to fulfil their ambitions.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and enjoyable 2014.

Can we please have your articles for the March 2014 edition before 23rd February. Thank you.

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