The Over the Fence forum uses (unfortunately) a different editor from the rest of the system. I wish I could change this since the editor is rather primitive but I cannot. Here are some notes on the features of the editor:

Topic icon

This allows an image to appear alongside the title of the item you post to the forum. The checked default is no icon. The icons play no active role and are just for information.


This allows you to apply formatting to any part of the item to be posted. You can apply the format as you create the text or afterwards by selecting an area of text. These work by creating a pair of tags that represent the start and end of the format. This, if you press the B button then the following pair of tags will appear [b][/b]. The text you want to embolden should be typed between the tags e.g. [b]Bryn[/b] will appear in the fourm as Bryn - not very WYSIWYG I'm afraid. The other buttons are:

  • B = embolden
  • i = italicise
  • u = underline
  • Quote=define an area that will be a quote. Uses the word quote as a lebel.
  • Code=define an area that will be a snippet of program code. Uses the word Code as a label
  • Img= allows an image to be included. May be better to use the browse/insert facility at bottom of screen
  • URL=allows a hyperlink to be included.
  • Hide=Hide a section of a message from guests i.e. restrict to registered users


You can create an unordered(ul) or an ordered or numbered (ol) list. The tags [ul] and [ol] start a list and each item within the list is then enclosed within the [li] [/li] tags. So an ordered list will appear thus in the editor


[li]First item [/li]

[li]Second item [/]


and will appear thus when viewed in the forum

  1. First item
  2. Second item


Emoticons may also be included in a posting to add emphasis (and whatever else they're meant to signify!). The emoticon will appear in the editor in a text form so Smile will appear in the editor as :)


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