The Loos and Pews Project!

We have a beautiful Church in Bishop Burton and I am sure you do not want it to close (sadly like the Methodist Chapel and the School) so it is imperative that the Church is used for more than just weekly worship, and the occasional wedding, funerals and christenings –USE IT OR LOSE IT.

To this end it is proposed that we try and get permission and the funds for providing a toilet, better kitchen facilities and a larger circulating area within the Church or attached to the Church .This will then enable the Church to be used more frequently for multiple uses – e.g. concerts, musicals, flower festivals, youth and village gatherings, etc. etc. that can’t be accommodated in the Village hall.

There will be a public exhibition of the various proposals and options on display in the Church at the end of March for a period of two weeks and you are all most welcome to come and give us your opinions, thoughts and comments – in writing and in confidence.

Trevor Thomas


Christmas news from the church unfortunately missed the deadline for the last month’s magazine, but the festive season was celebrated with some very successful and memorable events, The traditional Carol Service held on Sunday 16th December was very well attended, and we were joined by the Cantabile Choir who sang most beautifully and led our congregation with the carol singing. Warm mince pies and mulled wine were enjoyed after the service.

The following Sunday saw a Village Nativity procession through the village, telling the story of the Nativity with Mary, Joseph, a live (very well behaved!) donkey followed by a goodly crowd of shepherds, a heavenly host of Angels all making their way through the village trying to find “room at the Inn” for Mary and Joseph. The crowd grew and finally wound its way up to the church to the crib and the Christingle service. Finally Midnight Mass was celebrated on Christmas Eve in the traditional way.  The church looked lovely with a splendid decorated tree – thanks to all who helped.

Now the daffodils are in bud, and we shall soon be thinking about Easter!

Sue Thomas

Ash Wednesday (13th February) marked the beginning of Lent, the forty days when we are particularly reminded of Jesus being tempted in the desert. This is the time of year when many Christians exercise a degree of self-denial by giving up something we like, such as sugar, biscuits, chocolate or alcohol.

Have you given anything up? Of course, there is nothing wrong with a bit of self-discipline and self-denial is there? But Lent is about much more than giving up biscuits or sweets for a few weeks or taking our tea without sugar. Lent is a time for preparingourselves spiritually for our Easter walk with Jesus; a walk that takes us through His betrayal, suffering, and crucifixion and then onward to celebrate His resurrection on that first Easter. Lent is a season of self-denial, prayer and penitence; a time for reminding ourselvesthat Jesus suffered and died to win for us the victory over our sin.

All this brings a rather sombre air to Lent which is reinforced by the absence of flowers and the use purple/blue hangings in Church. Then, as Holy Week approaches the atmosphere of the season changes as our Bible readings begin to anticipate the story of Jesus’ suffering and death.

But actually none of this is about making ourselves feel guilty or miserable. As we ponder our own sin and the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we are preparing ourselves for the overwhelming joy of Easter. So for me, the underlying emotion of Lent is one of joy rather than remorse, Jesus has already done everything, we cannot add anything more. Jesus died for us and with our sins forgiven we know that we have an eternal future ahead of us.

Lent can also be an important opportunity for recharging our spiritual batteries; for setting time aside for doing something different spiritually.

Jesus used the word of God to fight temptation and so can we; I’d encourage you to study a passage of scripture everyday if you do not already do this. And in so doing discover afresh your identity as a beloved child of God.

Every Blessing

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