February 22nd, Ash Wednesday, marked the beginning of Lent. Lent is a time when we not only think about the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness but also when we take a closer look at ourselves, to think about where we are going in life, making sure we’re going in the right direction, making sure we’re going in the direction that God would have us travel.

We all end up doing the things we do in life for a whole host of different reasons: parental expectation; it was a good opportunity at the time; the need to earn money etc, etc. but how tragic it would be if we spend our lives doing something that we’re not really called to do, something that’s not really us. What disappointment we may feel if when we look back at our lives, however ‘successful’ we may have been, only to wish we’d done something else.

God calls each of us to take certain paths, but in the clamour of this world we can easily miss his calling. Try to make use of this Lent, especially the services in church to examine your life and the direction it is taking.

Taking time out to listen to God could change your life.

If you know of anyone who is unable to attend church but would like to receive Holy Communion at home please contact me.

Ruth Newton (Curate) 01482 841875

For years we have had no worries over the church security as Anne Francis and her late husband Pat took care of this for us and we would like to thank Anne most sincerely for her dedication in keeping the church safe for all those years. Now Anne has retired and following some security issues, the church was kept locked between services during the months of December and January. This was very sad and disappointing for the many people who enjoy visiting our lovely church, but the good news is that the church is now OPEN AGAIN DAILY thanks to a rota of volunteers who have kindly agreed to open up in the mornings and lock up in the evenings. The list of people on the “key rota” is in the bell tower.

A wonderful “Songs of Praise” service was held on 29th January. People chose and sang their favourite hymns with great gusto! Each hymn was introduced with a brief history and amusing anecdote, and all were accompanied by our super organist David Beynon – how lucky we are to have him! Coffee and biscuits were served as usual after the service, and everyone said how much they had enjoyed a really GOOD SING!!!! Who knows perhaps the next “Songs of Praise” might be even better with members of the new Bishop Burton Choir joining in...!!??

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