If you are reading this before 6th January, believe me it is still Christmas. The trees and cards come down on January 6th twelve days after Christmas.

Why do some of us seem to finish our celebrations by tea-time on 25th December, instead of starting them that day and enjoying them for the next twelve days and beyond? The birth of a baby isn’t celebrated until it has arrived. It does seem to me such a pity to gallop through the days at breathless speed.

In a book published in 2009, ‘The Meaning is in the Waiting’, Paula Gooder writes, ‘All around us we encounter, day after day, the encouragement not to wait but to have what we want now.’ She goes on to say that, ‘waiting is, increasingly, a strange notion.’ I was entertained last year to find a box of mince pies in a supermarket in September with a consume-by date of the end of October.”

And any minute now there will be Hot Cross buns and Easter eggs on sale. Why the hurry? Would it not be better to learn to live in the present moment - to savour it and appreciate it? To rest in the wonder of every God-given present moment.

I wish you a peace filled New Year.

Ruth (Curate)

In my Christmas Eve sermon I finished by asking if maybe this could the year when folks may want to think again about what faith means, to think again about all that God has done for us in sending his Son to live among us. Maybe this is the year when you want to find out more about God’s love for you and for all of his creation and if this is the case please do contact me on 01482 841875 or come and worship at All Saints the service times are below. We are, as a Parochial Church Council, discussing the services that we offer and therefore I have only included the month on January. Further information will be on the notice boards in the village.


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