As a member of the above, I have just received the Chairman’s report of the Bishop Burton Botanic Gardens, and thought other villagers may be interested.

It appears that the future of the group is uncertain as the gardeners who regularly tended the garden on a Wednesday have decided to hang up their hand-forks and trowels, and there has been a decline in attendances. The principal of the college has made it clear that it is her wish for the friends to continue. The head gardener – who gave a talk at the last Country Friends meeting, also made it very clear that she would like the group to continue and values their work.  

So if anyone would like to get involved with the “friends” and help in the running of the group I am sure the “friends of the Botanic Garden” would like to hear from you. The AGM is planned for the 22 January at 2pm in Seminar Room 2 of Bishop Burton College and you are welcome to attend.   If you are not able to make attend the AGM but wish to offer your services please call the hon. secretary – Pam Atkins on 01482 69631.

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