We have now scanned the school photos that have been hidden away in the church vestry for a number of years. The years for which photos exist are: 1891, 1909, 1924,  1928, 1931, 1934, 1940 and 1970. Each of the photos contains a list of the names of the children and teachers - only four names missing - copied out in John Dunning's beautiful copperscript hand.


If you want to see a larger version of the photo included in the image in this article then you should click on the relevant year photo included as attachments to this article.


1891 and 1909 class photo



1924 and 1928 class photos



1931 and 1934 class photos


1940 and 1970 class photos



Download this file (1891 photo.jpg)1891 photo.jpg[ ]32 kB
Download this file (1909 photo.jpg)1909 photo.jpg[ ]96 kB
Download this file (1924 photo.jpg)1924 photo.jpg[ ]99 kB
Download this file (1928 photo.jpg)1928 photo.jpg[ ]56 kB
Download this file (1931 photo.jpg)1931 photo.jpg[ ]76 kB
Download this file (1934 photo.jpg)1934 photo.jpg[ ]71 kB
Download this file (1940 photo.jpg)1940 photo.jpg[ ]63 kB
Download this file (1970 photo.jpg)1970 photo.jpg[ ]87 kB

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