The twelfth Crawberry Hill Liaison Committee was held on 10 September 2013.

Since the demobilisation of the site in June it has been cleared and remained secure.  In the interim time Rathlin Energy’s geologists and support teams have analysed the core samples and cuttings from the drilling operations.

The company are now looking to move into the “extended well test” phase of their planning permission.  This is designed to better understand if there is anything of commercial interest under the ground, building on the information gathered during the drilling phase. The exact timing of this phase has yet to be finalised and once know dates will be posted on the website and the noticeboards in the village.

The extended well test will involve installing a new “work over” rig (similar in size to the smaller rig initially on site), running a tube into the well to allow all fluids etc to flow to the surface in a controlled manner, perforating the casing at locations where there may be possible reservoirs, installing monitoring equipment.  The rig will then be taken down and the “work over” unit demobilised. This element will take 2 weeks.   The monitoring equipment will stay in place as long as required.  Once monitoring complete it will be removed.

During operations security will be on site 24/7; lighting will be similar to last time and noise levels are expected to be lower.

The next meeting of the committee is in early November and any further developments re timing etc will be posted on the website and the noticeboards in the village.

N.B.-Rathlin management are keen to know if anyone sees anything they are unhappy with so that it can be resolved. They have urged all of us to contact your community representatives should you have any concerns at all. They can, if required, immediately access the key Rathlin personnel. Further information can be found on the company website at: Fuller notes from all the meetings can be found in the ‘Yorkshire’ section.

Bishop Burton Community Representatives – David Oxtoby 07889730753; Margaret Hebb (01964)55131

Margaret Hebb 20/10/13

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