Now that harvest is underway one realizes what an unusual season it has been. A wet cold spring when nothing was growing as normal, fields of wheat that should have been bright green were brown with shriveled leaves. The oilseed rape seemed to be non existent unless it had been sown very early, you virtually had to go on hands and knees to find a plant which slugs were devouring as fast as they grew. On Cold Harbour and neighbour's fields Edward and Nathan spread more than a ton of slug pellets..Spring arrived and after a slow start was one of the best pea drilling seasons we may have had, strangely the crop never suffered any Pigeon damage, previously they had been a major pest every year. Similarly Rooks had always damaged winter barley crops with large flocks dropping into to feed on the maturing grain, but not this year, where have they gone? also Ladybirds and many butterflies seem to be absent as do thunderbugs or thrips, even my broad beans had few blackfly. However what have flourished are TROMBICULIDAE AUTUMALIS or harvest bugs, if you have red very irritating spots round your waist, they are the culprits. Look them up on Google. No need to go to your doctor, mine had no idea what they were. Crop yields are promising. with a months good weather we may admit to having a good harvest.