Dave no longer visits the village but he offers an extensive menu of top quality food at competitive prices and can be booked for parties, celebrations or other events.

For further information, including the times of his visits to neighbouring villages, call Dave on 07402 823599 or check out Dave's web site


Prices correct as at 21st August 2013

Menu Item Price
Fish & Chips £4,00
Single fish £2.80
Small chips £1.20
Large chips £1.60
Scampi & chips £4.20
Small fish dippers and chips £3.00
Large fish dippers and chips £4.00
Pattie and chips £2.00
Sausage and chips £2.00
Pattie, sausage and chips special (served with peas, curry or gravy) £3.20
Sausage/pattie £0.80
Chicken nuggest and chips £3.00
Fish cake £1.10
Bread cakes £0.40
Mushy peas, curry or gravy £0.70
Onion rings £1.80
Spam fritter £1.10
Sausage (x2) buttie £1.80
Pattie buttie £1.10
Beef burger £2.00
Cheese burger £2.50
Bottled drinks £1.10

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