I thought it would be helpful to identify some useful sources of information (especially those that are on-line i.e. accessible via the internet) if you are interested in the history of Bishop Burton or the individuals who lived here.

Main books

Your main starting point should be the "Bishop Burton and its People - A Village History".This was edited and compiled by Margaret Borland and John Dunning O.B.E. and was published by Highgate Publications in 1992. It's still available in local bookshops and second hand copies are obtainable locally too. There was an earlier but short book by Wendy Jeffrey entitled "Bishop Burton: the Village and its History"  published privately in 1973 by Dorothy Dunning. 

Bishop Burton is covered in the Victoria County History for East Yorkshire. There are seven volumes already published. Volumes 1,6 and 7 are available on-line but volume 4 which covers Bishop Burton is not. Volume 4 was edited by K.J.Allison and was published in 1979. Volume 6 covers Beverley and is available on-line at along with other volumes for Yorkshire.

The Yorkshire Archaeological Society has many pubications that may be of use to you. They are on-line at


Searching the internet

Google (and other search engines) are a useful source of information on-line. Surround the phrase "Bishop Burton" with double quotes when searching; this will mean you get less irrelevant material as only pages with the complete name of the village will appear. There was a famous Bishop called Bishop Burton, so he'll appear in the list too unfortunately! If you want any reference to a Jones in connection with Bishop Burton then your search expression should be: "Bishop Burton" Jones.

You may want to narrow your search so that only Google books are searched. These are books that have been published electorically and so may be read on-line. To search just Google books, select Advanced Search option in the Google search page and click on the Google Books Search at the bttom of the page.

Local archives

The University of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council hold many items relating to Bishop Burton in their archives. You can search the University's catalogue on-line at

National archives

The National Archives are based at Kew. They are on-line at Searching is free but if you want to download documents or images (e.g. domesday book entry for Burtone) then you have to pay £3.50 for each item. However, if you're a student of Bishop Burton College or the University of Hull or another subscribing organisation you should be able to obtain an Athens user name and password which will enable you to sign in and obtain downloads without charge.

Family history

The local family history society for East Yorkshire is accessible on-line at Their publications include a booklet of monumental inscriptions for Bishop Burton published in 2003; it includes transcriptions of all the gravestones in the graveyard at All Saints' Church.


There are a number of pages on the Genuki web site that contain useful historical information about the village. Visit this page to view Directory transcriptions and other historical material.