The eleventh Crowberry Hill community liaison committee was held on 21 May 2013.

The rig is expected to complete its drilling towards the end of next week - approx. 31 May. The rig will then be dismantled and taken away, along with all of the portakabins etc. This is expected to take 10 days. During this period there will be approx. 15 lorry loads per day transporting the rig/equipment away from site. During the entire period site security remains in place 24/7.

Drivers have been instructed to use the same route as before, they have been instructed NOT to go through the village. Once this is complete the site will be made secure and vacated. There may still be 24 hour security.

Noise - Results from the monitoring to date show that the rig is within the required parameters (42dB at night time) and is in fact quieter than the smaller rig.

Water quality - Further water samples have been taken. The results are very similar to the previous ones. No significant changes. Monitoring ongoing.

Air monitoring -Air monitoring stations have been set up around the site to detect if there is any air pollution. An independent company has been contracted to do this. The results so far indicate no detectable change since drilling started. Monitoring ongoing.

Future -The company are currently evaluating the results of the drilling operations to see if they indicate the presence of hydrocarbons. Once evaluation is complete, depending on the results they may decide to do further tests. If this is the case an update will be posted. This is not expected to occur for a least another three months.

N.B.-Rathlin management are keen to know if anyone sees anything they are unhappy with so that it can be resolved. They have urged all of us to contact your community representatives should you have any concerns at all. They can, if required, immediately access the key Rathlin personnel. Further information can be found on the company website at: Fuller notes from all the meetings can be found in the ‘Yorkshire' section.

Bishop Burton Community Representatives - David Oxtoby 07889730753; Margaret Hebb (01964)55131

Margaret Hebb 23/5/13


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