We were sorry to hear the news of the death of Mr Albert Oxtoby Snr. At the grand old age of 95.


A native of Holme on Spalding Moor, he spent all his working life  in agriculture, graduating from labourer to waggoner, foreman to tenant farmer. He came to Burton Raikes from Everingham  in 1945 again as a tenant.  By dint of hard work and careful planning when the farms were sold in the sixties he was able to buy both Raikes and Park End Farms.  Later he  bought Low Balk Farm and 100 acres of land at Killingraves.


Sadly he lost his wife at a comparatively early age, but he continued to live at Raikes until he retired, when he moved down to Low Balk. Here he transformed a small paddock area into a beautiful garden with a greenhouse, orchard, soft fruits, some vegetables and, above, all masses of flowers.  He spent hours every week in  his garden and loved to have a word with passers-by.


Gradually he became less and less mobile, but was able to retain his independence and live at home, due to his own determination and also with the help he received from his family.  However, he retained an active mind and a wonderful memory and was indeed a real good neighbour. Unfortunately he had a fall in the spring and after a lengthy spell in hospital, was unable to return home.


This has been a sad summer for the Oxtobys, and we express our deepest sympathy to David, Janet, Margaret and all the families.



(First published in the Bishop Burton Newsletter September 2008)

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