These are my last ramblings for the magazine.  I am retiring fully in September and moving with Delyse and the cat to Willerby so I think it is apt that Ian Lead, the next head gardener, shares his knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

It is thirty odd years ago I first contributed my Gardening Notes.  Fuel saving was very much in vogue then and the wheel seems to have turned full circle as we are again having to cope with rising costs of fuels.  Growing vegetables is having a renaissance, a good thing as both growing it and eating it should keep us healthy.  Garden design advice seems to have taken a back seat and I have not seen any decking or coloured fences on television for years.

Delyse and I have really enjoyed living in the village.  We will cherish the memories of school sports days on the Green, school plays and visits.  Bonfire Night and Christmas Carols round the tree were a treat especially when our boys were young. 

We thank all our friends and acquaintances for all their help and support over the years.

I will miss the stewardship of the walled garden and campus.  It still remains a jewel in the crown and I know Ian wishes it to grow and prosper.

I know lots of you in the village are keen gardeners and produce many lovely displays.  Your gardens enhance the area so I hope you all continue with this fascinating hobby.

Chris Robinson


We are sure you will all wish to join with us to thank Chris for all his articles and the enjoyment and practical expertise he has given to us through his writing.

There must  have been times when it seemed a chore but never a negative word was said when the telephone rang to remind Chris that yet another article was needed.

The informal committee that produces the newsletter have decided that as Chris is our longest regular contributor in the history of the newsletter that we should give him a ‘thank you present’ and a gift voucher is going to be slipped inside his copy as a small token of our appreciation.  If Chris wishes to receive future copies of the newsletter then that can be arranged and a copy sent by post.

We trust  Chris and Delyse will settle in quickly and enjoy a well earned and deserved  very happy retirement in Willerby.

We look forward to receiving Ian’s articles and wish him well in his post of Head Gardener at the College.


(First published in the Bishop Burton newsletter September 2008)

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