I am trying to find the catalogue of the Bishop Burton Hall furniture sale that took place in the 1930's . If anyone has a copy or knows where one might be seen I would be grateful for sight of same.

My interest is that I recently bought a hall chair at a local auction that had been owned by a Beverley family that I suspect and hope may well have been sold there. On the back of same is a painting of a greyhound in a very similar pose to that of the Richard Watt crest. A pair of similar chairs were also sold that had the Prince of Wales feathers on the back. Over the Hall front door was a sculptured crest that contained the feathers that I retrieved and built into a wall at Cold Harbour when the Hall was being demolished. Because its real home was in the village I gave same to The College where it can be seen in the Stable Yard. A Watt married a Cayley whose crest contained the feathers. If I can prove the provenance of my chair then it may just be worth the price I paid

John Dunning
Cold Harbour Famhouse


John's brother, Andrew, has uncovered the document and will shortly be providing it to the Treasure House in Beverley for permanent storage.

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