Bishop Burton's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations were held over the two bank holidays and were excellently organised by the Events Group and the supporters of the children's playground. Monday began with a Coronation Supper in the village hall. No prizes for guessing the main course; beautifully made and presented. The bar was the focus of much energy as you might imagine. Rodger ran a rather rowdy raffle - oh, what a lot of r's - which did produce some prizes worth rowdying for.

hoticeA very noisy shuttle bus and a variety of cars then moved off in convoy to Burton Raikes Farm where David Oxtoby and his helpers treated us to a glorious beacon and firework display which must have been seen from the moon. David is also celebrating 25 years as chairman of the Patish Council - well done to him.

Some of the adults might have been a bit bleary-eyed the following day, but there was no sign of that among the children who had been working hard on their entries for the creative competition. We descended on School Green for a picnic with various entertainments, competitions and quizzes and, of course, a Pimm's bar. It was great to see so many children and grown-ups having such fun. The village photograph was taken at 2.15 and amazingly no one managed to fall off the impromptu podium. The Hankin's organised a mini-race between themselves to take the last place on the stage - it was a dead-heat.

The village hall was our next destination as we were treated to tea/coffee and some mouth-watering home-made cakes and biscuits. The winners of the "Name that bear" competition was announced - "Squidgy" was the name chosen by Marjory Lund. The village picture quiz was won by Sue Ellerington who identified all but one of the photo locations correctly - proving that those many hours pushing a pram around the village and poring over planning applications had been well-spent. Meanwhile the judges were reviewing the competition entries and managed very skilfully to reward all the entrants. The winners were:

  • Gold: Harvey Robson for the 'Union Jack bench'.
  • Silver: Ruby Stevenson for the 'Trio of Jubilee Crafts'.
  • Bronze: Robert Tomlinson for the 'Union Jack fruit cake'.
  • Highly commended: Hugh Ellerington, Lucy Parsons, Tilly Young, Olive Young, Ruby Stevenson, Harvey Payne and Sarah Hindle.


What a glorious community celebration this was. Congratulations and thanks to all those who were involved in arranging and delivering such a successful series of events. We hope the events will mean a new playground is now that much nearer.

If you would like to see some photos of the Diamond Jubilee events then have a look at the Gallery There is also a Jubilee Celebration Caption Competition using photos taken over the two days.