Here are some pictures taken during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in the village. If you have any suggestions for suitable captions or words that may be spoken by any of the people involved then please email them to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please don't send me anything offensive or rude.

Here are the captions received so far.

  • Ben "This is how one bows to her majesty"
  • Eleanor "It must be an illusion!  Does your arm really go right through?"
  • Ben "When I fell in the Mere the water came up to here."

  • "Have you herd about this one?"
  • One cow says to another "I thought the hog roast was next month. They haven't run out of coronation chickens, have they?"
  • All the cows together (more or less) "This is my song..."
  • The Olympic Pole Vaulting Team at their Training Camp
  • I don't remember the last jubilee, do you?
  • That spear just missed me. Is the Olympic javelin team training nearby?

  • Call yours a BEACON?
  • I've just lit the barbecue, Janet

  • Phil "Where's the finishing line for goodness sake?"
  • And in the hooped colours, Phil is virtually on his knees.
  • Three falls and one submission.

  • This is my googlie!
  • And Abraham said "Go forth and multiply"


  • "I'm taking this to my friend, Judi; it's our favourite."
  • "Would you mind awfully taking my red hankie out and wiping my nose, please? My hands are rather full."
  • Pimm's The best dressed man's favourite tipple
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