"My Grandfather's Clock" is a song written in 1876 by Henry Clay Work. The song is told from the standpoint of the grandson, who tells the story of a longcase clock that his grandfather owned. The Oxford English Dictionary states that the song is responsible for the common name "grandfather clock" being applied to the longcase clock.

Most accounts say the song was inspired by the George Hotel, a wayfarers' inn in Piercebridge on the border of Yorkshire and County Durham. The hotel was owned and operated by two brothers called Jenkins, and in the lobby was an upright longcase clock. The clock kept perfect time until one of the brothers died, after which it lost time at an increasing rate, despite the best efforts of the hotel staff and local clockmakers to repair it. When the other brother died, the clock stopped, never to go again. It is said that in 1875 Henry Clay Work visited the hotel and based "My Grandfather's Clock" on the stories he heard there.

The attachments below contain the following

  • the lyrics;
  • the part played by the piano in accompanying the choir
  • the melody line for each verse picked out by the piano but sung by the choir in unison
  • the score for the chorus for each voice
  • four attachments contain the tune for the chorus sung by each voice (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) and picked out by the piano.

For instructions on how to downlead and play the MIDI files please refer to the Choir repertoire.


Download this file (GFC chorus alto.mid)GFC chorus alto.mid[ ]0.4 kB
Download this file (GFC chorus bass.mid)GFC chorus bass.mid[ ]0.3 kB
Download this file (GFC chorus score.pdf)GFC chorus score.pdf[ ]93 kB
Download this file (GFC chorus soprano.mid)GFC chorus soprano.mid[ ]0.4 kB
Download this file (GFC chorus tenor.mid)GFC chorus tenor.mid[ ]0.4 kB
Download this file (GFC lyrics.pdf)GFC lyrics.pdf[ ]52 kB
Download this file (GFC piano.mid)GFC piano.mid[ ]3 kB
Download this file (GFC verse.mid)GFC verse.mid[ ]0.9 kB

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