Here is a list of songs that are in the repertoire of the choir (as at 25th May 2017):

Some of the songs are sung in unison i.e. we all sing the same melody but in different keys while others are sung in two or more parts. To help us in practice we will be placing various "parts" files as attachments that can then be downloaded or played at any time.

Clicking on any of the (underlined) songs above will take you to the article for each song that contains the attachments for that song.

Each attached file can either be played or viewed directly from the web site or downloaded to your computer. The files that have the extension ".mid" are to be played; those with the extension ".pdf" may be viewed. To play the file without downloading it:

  • double click on the file you want to play (using the left button of your mouse). Your computer will then play the file using the software that is associated on your computer with MIDI files.

If you download any of the files to your computer you can then use it without being connected to the internet. To download any of the files:

  • right click on the name of the file. This will bring up a short menu from which you should choose:
    • Save link as (Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome)
    • Save target as (Internet Explorer)
    • Download linked file as (Safari)
  • you will then be able to choose the folder on your computer where the file is to be saved. [Make sure you know how to get to this folder later].

The lyrics and adapted scores are contained in PDF files which can be viewed using the free Adobe Reader software.

The music is presented in MIDI files. These files contain the instructions which enable your computer to play the right notes etc. using a synthesiser built in to the computer. Using this format for the files means that they are small in size and you can also view the score for the music as it is being played.

MIDI files can be "played" using one of the familiar media players such as Quicktime or Windows Media Player that are installed on most computers from scratch. But when using those programs you don't see the score. To do that you need to install a free software program called MidiSheetMusic player which can be downloaded from this web page:

Once you have installed the program, double-click on it and then use the file menu to open one of the MIDI files you have downloaded. There are lots of quite canny features that you can play with too.

If you have any problems installing or using the MidiSheetMusic player or downloading and playing the attachments, please call me on 550255.