The proposal to build an anenometer mast at Cold Harbour Farm received planning approval from a Planning Inspector on appeal on 7th February 2012. The proposal had previously been refused by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The approval allows for the construction of a temporary mast for a period of up to 3 years.

Tim Mockridge the Project Developer for Inifinis has sent an email as follows:

"Having now received consent by the planning inspector to erect the wind monitoring mast, we are currently discharging the conditions required of us and we expect it to be installed during the week of 12 March 2012. The mast (a photo of a similar mast can be found on the Bishop Burton website) is a temporary structure used, among other things, to monitor wind speeds and directions on site to help establish its suitability for a wind farm.

We will look to garner at least two years of wind speed data at the site to supplement our initial wind speed monitoring at Cold Harbour farm. Once the allocated timescale for planning permission has elapsed the mast will be removed."


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