Do you like to sing? If so, would you like to join us in forming a choir in and for the village of Bishop Burton. It's open to everyone aged 16 and over. You don't have to be able to read music or have sung in a choir before. There's no audition and you won't be asked to do a solo to prove you can sing. If you can hold a tune and read or remember lyrics, then you're qualified. Anyone who lives in Bishop Burton or is somehow connected with the village is welcome to join and have FUN.

Become a founding member and help us decide the way forward. We won't be a specialist choir and we want to sing as wide a range of songs as our voices can cope with from pop to classics. Our main object is to have FUN and enjoy ourselves.

We appreciate that many of you (including me) will want some help to learn to sing in public, so we'll be running self-help workshops to build up confidence. We're not planning any concerts until we know we can do it and only then if it's FUN to do.

The choir will probably meet on an evening weekly during school term-time except for half-term breaks. We're not sure where or when we're going to meet as we'll decide that when we know how many want to be in the choir.

We don't just need singers for our choir. If you play a musical instrument and would like to accompany us then you're welcome to join in too.We'll need some money to fund the choir - maybe pay for a room to use and buy some musical arrangements and the like. We will also need to pay someone to lead the choir. So there'll be an annual subscription and a small weekly fee yet to be decided.

We're currently in the process of looking for a leader and then we'll start recruiting for the choir. This will hopefully happen in February. If you'd like to fill the leader's role or know someone who might, then please contact Bryn Jones or Susan Leeding. If you're interested in being in the choir, do let us know.


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