The British On-lIne Newspaper Archive has gone live this week. You will find it at

This new web site enables you to search many newspapers (mostly from the 19th century) that have been digitised. The archive allows them to be searched using a facility provided for free on their web site. So entering "bishop burton" (quotes included) bring up over 400 references from the range of regional newspapers that have already been converted.  The search results tell you which newspaper the search phrase was found in, its date, the title of the article or item and about three lines from the article. The digitisation uses automated optical character recognition to work out the words that are included on the visual image of the page. Unfortunately because of the difficulty of reading the pages, there are loads of mistakes but you can usually get the gist of what is being discussed. All this you can do for free. But to view the whole of the original newspaper article you need to subscribe. The cost is £79.95 for a year's unlimited access to the archive with lower-cost packages also available for shorter periods with caps on the number of pages that can be viewed.

There is only one East Riding newspaper that has been digitised - that's the Hull Packet. But the York Herald and York Gazette are also available.

Happy hunting.