The following communication has been received from Tim Mockridge, Infinis Project Manager:

"As you know, we submitted a met mast application to East Riding of Yorkshire council earlier this year. This mast would be used to help us to analyse wind regimes at the site and would ensure that we would develop the optimal project for generating the maximum amount of energy at the location.

Following the recent decision by the council to reject our application for a met mast we have decided to appeal the decision. We have not taken this decision lightly but are keen to ensure that our assessments of the area are thorough and complete. I have attached a photomontage of what a wind monitoring mast would look like at the site.

Provided that we are successful with the appeal we will still look to set up the community liaison group (CLG) for the project and hope residents of Bishop Burton will attend the meetings to learn about the project and ask us questions. We are keen to complete the appeal process before setting up the CLG but believe there are many facets that local residents can influence on the design of the project. We are keen to learn from local knowledge and react to local suggestions regarding those facets that can be influenced.

We still intend to hold a wind farm visit for those who expressed an interest but will look to now hold this after the appeal process.

I would be more than happy to discuss any issues regarding the met mast, wind farm visit or the project at a general level if anybody has any questions or concerns."




Download this file (Cold_Harbour_MetMast_Photomontage.pdf)Cold_Harbour_MetMast_Photomontage.pdf[ ]306 kB

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