Notes from Parish Council meeting  held 11 July 2011

These notes are made available pending publication of the full Minutes which will take place after the next meeting.

• Cllr Pollard to help try and get a flashing speed limit sign for the west side of the village on the A1079. ERYC state no funding available.
• Three new litter bins have now arrived
• Replacement posts have been made for Johnsons Pond
• Bus shelter to be power washed and painted
• 4 replacement ‘Windsor' style street light lanterns have been ordered
• Complaint made to ERYC re poor state of grass verges that have recently been cut by a tractor and mower.
• Looking into providing a small childrens play area for the under 10's
• Extend grass area around war memorial which has become overgrown. Remove the ivy especially on the wall.
• Repair noticeboard
• Request ERYC to repair the railings/posts on Cold Harbour View and the handrail from the footpath to the road on Puddingate
• Trimming to be done on hedge/tree blocking street lights on Village hall car park and the Wash Dyke.

Sue Ellerington
V Chairman
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