Other Lives Productions are touring the region next month with Samuel Beckett’s classic Waiting for Godot, and Bishop Burton is lucky that they have chosen the village as their only village hall venture prior to a week at Hull Truck Theatre.  Their most recent performance in the village hall was only in November when they brought their ghostly production ‘Is Anybody There…?’ to  help raise funds for the church organ.

At the end of the final performance of their play Christmas in Arles, about Van Gogh and Gaugin, in a freezing cold Bishop Burton church on Twelfth Night 2009 - a member of the audience approached Other Lives Production’s Richard Avery and Neil King, said that he had seen them do other two-handers together, and asked whether they  had ever thought of staging Waiting for Godot.  They said that they would like to get round to doing it one day, whereupon they were told that they ought to get on with it as their stage rapport was perfect for playing two tramps, Estragon and Vladimir, in that play.

Rehearsals were begun in London, where the director John Peters lives and will continue in Beverley and London.  The decision has been made to do a limited run of 13 performances in carefully chosen venues in Hull and the East Riding.  The first performance is at Howden Shire Hall on Saturday 15th January and the final one will be at Hull Truck on Saturday 29th January.

Why Waiting for Godot?  In the opinion of Richard and Neil it is one of the great plays of the twentieth century and, if performed aright, is both moving and very funny.  To say too much of what happens would be to deprive audiences new to the play of a voyage of discovery.  Suffice it to say that two characters down on their luck - perhaps tramps - are waiting for a man called Godot to come and see them.  To pass the time they entertain themselves, and the audience, with various ‘games’.  Then two other characters, Pozzo and Lucky, come and go, and then a Boy comes with a message from Mr Godot…..Tomorrow, he will definitely come.

The production arrives here on Friday 21st January.  The performance will commence at 8pm, and lasts about two hours including one interval.  Tickets are priced at a flat rate of £8 and are bookable in advance by ringing 01482 862752 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Richard Avery - Estragon
Neil King - Vladimir
John Peters - Pozzo and Director
Malcolm Tomlinson - Lucky
Ross Tomlinson - Boy


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