All those with a hearing impairment ( and even those who have not !) were very grateful this Christmas time for the brand new and super effective Sound Amplification System installed at the Church just in time for the Remembrance Sunday service in November .Hearing in Church had become quite an issue of late ,but now thanks to the generosity of two long standing Church supporters, John and Andrew Dunning, we have been able to install ,with the Archbishop of York's sanction, a state of the art Sound Amplification System .

This Christmas the System made all the difference at the well -attended Christingle Service for families and children on Christmas Eve ,at the Candlelight Carol Service and at the Midnight Christmas Service .The System is also capable of playing your favourite music at weddings ,funerals etc.

In future we should be able to make use of the System to enhance any concerts, plays or other events held in the Church ,particularly now that it has also been recently redecorated and looks stunning .

Come and see for yourself!

Many thanks to John and Andrew Dunning.

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