This lovely study of Bishop Burton was given to us by Graham Chambers, who runs the Watercolour Classes at Calf House Studio, Cold Harbour Farm.  He has incorporated the main items of the village in this attractive and unusual view.  Thank you Graham.

We trust the cold weather and sheer volume of snow didn’t spoil your festivities before and during the Christmas period.  Neighbours helped each other and the elderly with clearing snow, digging out cars, shopping, collecting newspapers etc. - in all a good example of the ‘Big Society’ at work.  Local farmers soon moved the deep from the village lanes, making access to the well gritted A1079 possible.

A further example of our ‘caring society’ came in early November when Alison and Ginny offered to collect and deliver the ‘Big Sunday Takeaway’ in the village.  As a recipient, I can report that it was a tasty and substantial chicken casserole (lovely to have it delivered!).  I invited two together widows to join me with their ‘lunch boxes’ and we had a jolly meal together with very little effort on my part, at the same time helping a worthy charity.

A happy and Healthy New Year to all our Readers.

We are truly grateful to our  contributors  and for inclusion in the March edition could we please have your articles before the 23rd February please.

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