What are the strange vehicles with their attendant teams busy doing in the surrounding fields? Strange as it may seem they are indirectly looking for oil or gas, being engaged in a seismic survey of an area centred on Walkington but stretching across to the A1079 west of Bishop Burton. This survey is being undertaken to produce a detailed picture of the subsurface geology that will assist in determining if there is potential for oil or gas resources at depth.

The aim of the survey is to image in 3D detail the deep geological structure occurring in the area. The depth of the deeply buried rock layers will be determined by recording the time it takes for frequency signals, generated by the detonation of small explosive charges down a series of pre-augured lined holes six metres deep to be reflected off the various rocks back to the surface and recorded.

Drilling at Cold Harbour. . The drill is driven by the compressor vehicle on the left.


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