A few years ago a chap with a metal detector swept a couple of fields north of the Cold Harbour Farmstead. On tipping his assorted spoil on to a newspaper spread on our kitchen table he commented "nothing much of interest." To anybody who had no knowledge of the Bishop Burton history he was correct but to us he had struck gold, in the form of a brass button. This was inscribed with the Richard Watt crest: a greyhound holding two arrows in its paws. In heraldic terms the crest is described thus: A greyhound sejant [sitting upright] Argent [silver], powdered with fleurs-de-lis, the dexter [right] paw resting on two arrows. The greyhound sitting upright features in the crests of a number of Watt or Watts families, most of whom are not related to Richard Watt. The branch of the Watt family that lived at Speke Hall had as its crest a blue greyhound sitting upright with its right paw on a single arrow. The Richard Watt is probably the one who was a breeder and owner of racehourses that won the St. Leger (including the Altisidora); he was born in 1786 and died in 1855.

These buttons would have been worn by Richard Watt's butler and footmen but how did it arrive in a field more than a mile from the Hall. Richard most probably would have worn them on his hunting jacket; could he have lost it through falling off his horse when following his own hounds?

We have had replicas made for the family including a silver one. It was not assayed so is not hall marked but will be an heirloom.

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