All Saints Church looked at its best when we met together to give thanks to God for the Harvest earlier this month; the inside of church has recently been painted and the harvest produce along with flowers added to the beauty of this sacred space. Thanks to everyone who so kindly gave their time and produce to the event. We had a good number attending and many stayed afterwards to talk and catch up over a glass of wine. The produce went to Hullharp, who work with the homeless, an independent charity that relies on the generosity of local people.
Not only were we celebrating our Harvest Festival but also we gave thanks for 30 years of organ playing at All Saints by David Beynon. David has faithfully added to the worship and I asked him about his playing and how he thought it contributed to the life of the church.

1. How do think your ministry as a musician brings people closer to God?
[David Beynon] For me and I'm sure many others, music is an essential part of worship, and having the organ and being able to sing wonderful hymns really makes a difference.

2. How does playing the organ help to develop your own spirituality?
[David Beynon] Sometimes the music can be really powerful, and there are many types of music which create different atmospheres. Music is one of Gods greatest gifts, and using it for Worship, or Prayer can create very powerful emotions.

3. Where else do you like to hear the organ played?
[David Beynon] Anywhere really, I love to hear the organ at Beverley Minster, which is the Instrument I learnt to play on many years ago. I was taught by an Ex Beverley Minster Organist called John Long, and was very lucky to be able to learn on one of the finest Organs in the country. Not many people realise or appreciate just how lucky Beverley is to have such Superb Organ, which is much better than many of the large Cathedrals.

4. How does hymn singing contribute to Christian faith?
[David Beynon] Hymn singing is great form of worship, and after singing some of the great hymns you can't help but feel uplifted and thankful, so the Hymn singing has played a big part in that.

5. Can you think of a specific highlight for each of the 3 decades that you have been playing the organ at Bishop Burton?
[David Beynon] Well there was the time in the 80's where I slept in for a wedding and got there about half way through, They had already started without me. I don't think the bride and groom will ever forget that one!
In the 90's our first 2 children were born, and bringing them to church for the first time, and having them both baptised at All Saints was really special. More recently it is a highlight every time we get a decent congregation at church. Sometimes it can be hard work with the hymn singing when there are just a few of us, so when you get a Sunday with a good congregation and some great hymns that can be a real highlight.

6. What would your wish for the future be and how do you see it coming about?
[David Beynon] I would love to keep playing for as long as I am able, and for as long as the people of All Saints Bishop Burton want me. After 30 years they must be getting sick of me by now! Also to see the church grow again. The church needs to be at the heart of the community, and it would be great to see more families and just to have a few more on a Sunday morning would be great.

David was presented with a cake and a gift as small tokens of our appreciation of his years of dedicated service and he is young enough for many, many more.

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