Transcribed by: Bryn Jones


The school head was Benjamin Swann

The teachers were: Mrs Jeanette Swann and Miss Mary A Brumfield


In 1899, Queen Victoria had been queen for 62 years and the Marquess of Salisbury was prime minister for the third and last time. The Boer war started; incidents this year included the siege of Ladysmith and the battle of Mafeking. The first car parking garage was opened in Boston. Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams was published. Alfred Hitchcock, Al Capone, John Barbirolli, Ernest Hemingway were all born this year.



Date of entry

Log entry

Editorial notes



Average for the week 61. Kitty Jackson (age 13 Stan VI) withdrawn. The exhibition of school children’s needlework, knitting, writing, freehand drawing and mapping took place in the schoolroom on Thursday afternoon. The judges were Mrs Fisher, Mrs F D Burton, Miss Cayley and the Rev Fisher, St. Mary’s Beverley. Mrs Hall Watt kindly gave £2 in prizes to the winners at 6 o’clock the same evening. Most of the parents and all the children were present and appreciated the kind and graceful gift of the donor.





Average for the week 64. The only boy absent during the week was Albert Hawes 6 times. Eight girls were absent 1 or more times making a total of 20 times. The PC of both classes was however 96. Work, conduct and tidiness of scholars all satisfactory.




Average for the week ?? [due to] boys assisting men to plant trees; one boy sick. The PC of attendances thus falling to 82. Conduct, attention to work and tidiness of children satisfactory.




Meeting of School Managers to verify and sign the Annual returns for the Education Department. The Wesleyans of this village were allowed the use of the schoolroom on Thursday evening for a Concert. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Friday morning agreeing to the closing of the Sunday school on account of preparing for the Farmers’ Ball on Monday night. Bertha Hall an infant of 4 admitted on Monday morning the 23rd inst. Mr Craggy called on Wednesday afternoon – he found 56 present, but on the previous day 64 were present and the day following 66.




Average 63. The Schoolroom arranged and prepared for the farmers’ dance which took place on Monday night. No school in consequence. Mr Hall Watt informed the Schoolmaster on Friday the 3rd February that permission had been given for a dance on Tuesday, the 14th (Shrove Tuesday). The Revd Wm. Pearman at school on Friday morning, shortly after his child’s death Feby 3rd 1899).

Augustine Pearman was the daughter of the Revd. Pearman. She was three years old at the time of her death. She is buried in Bishop Burton grave yard with her sister who died in 1893 aged three weeks. She also has a brass plate in her memory on a pew in the church.



Average for the week 60. ER Hall Watt gave permission for a dance in the schoolroom on Monday 13th inst. Notice sent to the H.M.I. of the closing of the school on that day. Lucy Collinge ill of rheumatic fever, W Smart sick, Cornelius Hawes bad throat. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Examined the registers and found them correct

ERB Hall Watt




Average for the week 60. The “Dance” mentioned in last week’s record did not come off. The promoters failed in disposing of their tickets. Only 15 sold. ERB Hall Watt gave the scholars a half-day holiday on Shrove Tuesday. The 5 new desks were placed in the schoolroom on the 15th (Feby 15th 1899). ERB Hall Watt at school on Friday morning inspecting the new desks, checking attendances etc. Conduct, work and tidiness of children satisfactory.




The following summary of the H M Inspector’s report has been received by the school managers:

“This school is going on much as usual. The behaviour and order are as creditable as hitherto. The standard of efficiency is very fair. Writing, Drawing, and Needlework are well taught. Geography has improved but eh Grammar does not merit the higher award. Mrs Swann does good work and the few infants are well looked after”


Benjamin Swann

Certified Teacher 1st class

Jeanette Swann

Certified Teacher 1st class

Mary A Brumfield

Pupil Teacher 4th Year

(passed fairly end of 3rd year)


ERB Hall Watt (Correspondent)




Average for the week 61. There are 3 cases of sickness this week. Work, conduct and tidiness of scholars all satisfactory.




Average for the week 63. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Monday morning arranging for the Children’s section of Work and Prizes at the Bp. Burton Rose and Industrial Show for 1899. 64 out of 68 were present. Conduct, work and tidiness of children all satisfactory.




Average for the week 61. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Monday afternoon, with schedules for the Children’s Prizes amounting to £5. The finer weather has caused more absentees. Fresh plants kindly sent on Friday by Mrs Hall Watt, for the schoolroom windows. Conduct, work and tidiness very fair for the week.




Average for week 60. Bessie McLachan left the village with her parents. Beatrice Collingwood an infant of four years admitted. Two boys (Jas. and Geo. Hayton) at work and three infants sick. Lessons conduct and tidiness of scholars all satisfactory.




Average for the week 62. Although the weather has been so winterly the attendance has not been affected by it. Mr H R Pease at school on Tuesday morning, remaining some time. Conduct, work and appearance of children all satisfactory. Mr Pease who is one of the school managers remarked on the tidiness of the children.

1899 was the year of the Great Blizzard in the USA and this may have been its tail.



Average for the week 60. A little sickness has caused the differences in attendance between the present and past week. Thursday afternoon being the worst. Work, tidiness, behaviour of children quite satisfactory.




Good Friday




No school on Easter Monday. Average for the week 58. A day’s holiday causes several absentees for the rest of the week. One boy commenced his school week on Friday morning. Conduct and tidiness satisfactory, work fairly satisfactory.




Average for the week 61. Three Elleringtons absent. Gertrude having fever of some kind. The other absentees have bad colds. Work better done than last week. Conduct and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Repeats page 268




Repeats page 269




Average for the week 60. Mr Craggy the Attendance Officer paid the school a visit on Friday morning. Kate Hayton and Hilda Farmery were to be notified for better attendance. Four Thompsons sick (chicken pox) Left off fires on Tuesday April 19th. Notice respecting “Labour Certificates” given to individual scholars, as well as a printed notice of Examination placed in the school window.




Average for the week 65. The Infants have made 100% attendances. Kate Hayton absent 1 day, Hilda Farmery present the whole week. The boys and girls were photographed on Thursday afternoon in 2 groups. Conduct, work and tidiness all satisfactory.





Fr,. Harvey (?)




Average for the week 63. Ernest Ellerington and James Hayton at work. (Hayton Stan VII, Ellerington Stan VI) Conduct, work and tidiness all satisfactory.




Average for the week 60. Admitted Alice Thompson an infant of 4. Ernest Ellerington, Jas, Hayton and Arthur Frear are the boys now at work. Geo. Hayton has been 2 days at work this week – none have Labour Certificates. Conduct, work and tidiness fairly satisfactory.




Average for the week 60. The same boys absent as last week, also Geo. Hayton part of the week. Cautioned Lucy Hayton and Edith Akeister about loud ringing at the Vicarage door bell. Work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.




Whitsuntide Holidays (1 week)




Average for the week 65. Admitted JW Nicholson from the Hull Park Rd. Bd. School who is staying in the village with his mother until the termination of the Hull Builders Strike. Albert Hawes set off home on Thursday when out in the playground. He has often done this. With that exception, the conduct of the scholars has been satisfactory, also tidiness and work.




Average for the week 62. Albert Hawes absent 3 days this week. Geo. Hayton, Henrietta Thompson, Kate Hayton and Hilda Farmery are also defaulters. Two of their parents have had final notices from the Attendance Officer. Conduct, work and tidiness all satisfactory.




Average for the week 63. The Attendance Officer at school on Wednesday afternoon. The children mentioned in last week’s entry except Albert Hawes, Ernest Ellerington and Arthur Frear are tenting this week. Only one absent on grounds of health viz. Willie Smart. Conduct, work and tidiness satisfactory.




Examined the register and found them correct

ERB Hall Watt




Average for the week 58. Tuesday afternoon was the the day of the Wesleyan S[unday] School Feast. Only 41 children were present in the morning and not a single child cam near the school in the afternoon. Mr Watt and Miss Cayley at school on Tuesday afternoon, and Mrs Hall Watt on Wednesday afternoon. Work and tidiness all satisfactory.




The annual lumber sale took place in the schoolroom on the 26th inst, the Baptist Bazaar on the 29th and the Baptist Sunday School treat on the 30th. Average for the 8 attendances 60. Only 39 in attendance on Friday afternoon. Children often absent at this part of the year, do very little real work.




Average for the week 62. The Wesleyan Bazaar on Thursday afternoon reduced the attendances on that day. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Tuesday afternoon. The children’s treat kindly given by Mrs Hall Watt is arranged for Saturday afternoon. The elder girls at school every morning this week at 8 o’clock forwarding their sewing for the Rose Show competition. Conduct, work and tidiness all satisfactory.




Admitted Hannah Farmery an infant of 4 years. Average for the week 65. The Wednesday morning’s lessons showed the children’s minds were with the fatal accident in front of the school a few minutes before opening. Conduct, work and tidiness (with one exception, Polly Hayton) all satisfactory.

Who was killed? The only burial other than Augustine Pearman (see above) recorded in the village in 1899 was Anne Barnett but there doesn’t appear to be a grave for her. Of course, the person who died may not have been from Bishop Burton.



Average for the week 61. Albert Hawes, Geo. Hayton and William Berridge singling turnips. Not one of them have their “Labour Certificate” Mrs Hall Watt at school on Tuesday arranging for “Certificates” in connection with the Children’s Prizes at the Show Competition. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars all satisfactory.




Examined the registers and found them correct.

ERB Hall Watt




Average for the week 59. Admitted Daisy Clark who has come from Seaton to live with her aunt at Bp. Burton for a time and probably always. No school on Thursday. Children’s Writing, Freehand drawing, Mapping, Needlework and Knitting judged on Thursday afternoon by Mrs B Barlow, Mrs HR Pease, Mr Pease and Mr Edwards. Mr Watt at school on Friday morning. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars all satisfactory.




Average for the week 57. The same boys working as last week. Ruth Hayton sick. Geo. Hayton bad arm and Emma Foster sick. The attendances independent of those at work and the sick ones, has been satisfactory this week. The workmen have been engaged on the boundary walls of the school premises for the past fortnight and have completed the inside walls.  The Cards in connection with the Children’s section of the BP. Burton Flower Show, wre presented by Mrs Hall Watt together with the money, on Saturday night in the schoolroom.




Average for the week 49. The Wesleyan Sunday School on Monday, and the Baptist S S trip on Friday have caused the low average for the week. No children attended school on Tuesday because of Barnum and Bailey’s Show on the Westwood. There were only 15 little ones in the morning and 8 in the afternoon assembled outside. The workmen completed the repairs of the school premises on Wednesday afternoon. Conduct and satisfactory. The P Teacher excused on Thursday on account of her sister’s wedding at Bp. Burton church

This was a world-famous circus established in the USA in 1875, reputedly the greatest show on earth. It still does the rounds today.


The wedding was between Alice Jane Brumfield and Thomas James Forster of Newcastle.



Average for the week 56. Sunday Scholars at Bridlington Quay on Monday at the expense of Mrs Hall Watt. The Schoolmaster begs to record his own and the scholars thanks for the kindness shown them. Several children absent are playing in the street 5 Haytons and 2 Farmerys living in the New Buildings have been playing for the past fortnight although all have been warned by the Attendance Officer.

New Buildings were a line of cottages where the village shop is now. The house at the north end occupied by Dorothy Holmes was part of the original line. Arthur Newlove had his shop at the other end.




Commenced the week with an attendance of 52, which fell to 41. Considering that some children were gleaning, the attendance was satisfactory. (Left) on Friday noon doe Harvest Holidays from Monday, August 28th to Monday October 2nd 1899.

Gleaning is the practice of collecting leftover crops from the farmer’s field left behind by the reapers after it has been harvested.



Attendance on re-opening 62. Average for the week 64. Admitted Joseph Berridge an infant of 4 years. James Hayton’s and John Nicholson’s names taken off the Register. The work of the week has not brought the children to their several standards of leaving off for the holidays. Conduct and tidiness both satisfactory.




Average for the week 64. The infants have made 100% attendances for the past fortnight. The lessons have been more satisfactory this week. Conduct and tidiness also satisfactory. ?? received the necessary 4th year notice respection [sic] Diocese Scholarship examination.




Average for the week 59. Have a dozen boys picking potatoes including a Stan II boy – John Collingwood, and a Stan ?? boy – Arthur Thompson. A few others absent – 3 Haytons, 2 Hawes and Jno. Waslin reducing the average for the week. Many of the children’s hands are stained with walnuts which they evidently pilfer.




F D Walker HM Inspector (Drawing)




Average for the week 61. 3 Haytons absent on account of “measles”. 2 Elleringtons on account of their father having “small pox” Mrs Hall Watt at school on Monday. Mr Watt and Mr Pease on Wednesday. The managers gave permission for an entertainment in the schoolroom on Friday evening.




The man permitted to give the entertainment abovementioned would not pay anything either for lights or school cleaning as he had only taken 3s/3d It was also found out afterwards that he had also broken a lamp chimney. Several children have been re-vaccinated this week. Some are absent with bad arms. Another family of Haytons are absent because of chicken pox in the house. There are now 5 Haytons absent. The attendance on Monday morning was 59 – on Friday 49.

Vaccination was probably for smallpox only although vaccines were also available for rabies and plague. The vaccine consisted of the cowpox virus which is why it caused a re-action when the upper arm was injected..



Admitted Mary Eliz. and Lily Mary Bromefield (pro temp) who have come from Somercoates, Lincolnshire to stay with their grandmother during their father’s stay in the Louth Infirmary. The average for the week of 57 only is on account of some of the children being re-vaccinated, and also of some parents who have kept their children to help until their own arms are better. Another cause is the chicken pox.

The name should probably be spelt Brumfield. The pupil teacher Mary A Brumfield was probably their aunt.



Average for week 69. Arthur Frear and George Hayton at work. The whole week. Fred Berridge, Wm. Berridge and Albert Ouston part of the week. None of these have Labour Certificates. Lucy Collingwood ill at the Beverley Cottage Hospital. The chicken pox cases are better but 3 Haytons are still absent. They have already been absent 44 out of 70 times the school has been open since Harvest.

The Beverley Cottage Hospital was a small general hospital at the corner of Mill Lane and Morton Lane, now demolished. Lucy was an 11 year old girl and recovered from the hospitalisation.



Examined the registers and found them correct

ERB Hall Watt




Average for the week 62. On Friday 5 boys were “bush beating” for Mr Watt’s shooting party. Henrietta Thompson nursing at the Cherry Burton Grange for the Martinmas week. The sick children with the exception of Kate Hayton are again at school. Conduct, work and tidiness of the scholars are on the whole satisfactory.

We have no information on the location of Cherry Burton Grange



Average for the week 62. There have been several absentees during this week because of the Farm Servants’ “Martinmas Holiday”. Thursday was a “bush beating” day for a few of the elder boys. Conduct, work and tidiness (with two or three exceptions) “good”.


Received Form 17A (V.S.) from the Education Department:-

York Diocesan Association

Bishop Burton Mixed School

“Aid Grant” £16-0-0


I Repairs £9-0-0

II Furniture Repairs: Desks £6-0-0

III Organising Master: £1-0-0


£1 in 1899 would have been worth over £89 in 2010.



Average for the week 59. A Frear, F Berridge, W Berridge, and J W Waslin at work the whole of the week. None of them have labour certificates. Henrietta Thompson and Kate Hayton working at home. Neither have labour certificates. The school children subscribed 10/6d towards the Fund for Soldiers and Sailors’ children. Conduct, work and tidiness of scholars satisfactory.

10/6d is 52½p in decimal currency.



Average for the week 62. Mrs Hall Watt at school on Tuesday afternoon during needlework and drawing lessons. She thanked the school children for the offering to the Fund above mentioned. Mr Watt at school on Wednesday during the recitation and Object Lessons. He heard “The Revenge” and questioned on some of the Object Lessons learnt. The Pupil Teacher at the Scholarship examination this week.

The Revenge is probably the ballad of the fleet by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. It commemorates a battle off the Azores in 1591 between The Revenge and fifty odd Spanish vessels. A storm sank the Revenge and many of the Spanish warships.



Average for the week 61. Loftus J Monro HMI visited the school on Tuesday morning. F Wilson, E Hudson, and Lily Holmes sick. Left off on Friday for Christmas Holidays. Mrs Hall Watt kindly provided a treat for Christmas day, “A Christmas Tree” decorated with [?]

Loftus Monro was a Welshman who lived with his wife in The Chestnuts in Hurn Lane, Beverley. He died in 1916 in Devon leaving over £35,000 to his wife.


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