The web site has been designed to allow those people with an interest in the village to contribute directly to the web site. So if you have an item of news or are planning an event that we might be interested in, then you will be able to put it on the web site for yourself and share it with other users of the web site. We also welcome the submission of articles that you may have written about any aspect of village life or the history of the village and its people.

When you first visit the web site, you will be able to view information that others have submitted but you won't be able to do anything yourself. To be able to do anything on the site, you first need to register. We will need to collect some basic information from you including your email address. An email will then be sent to you inviting you to activate your account on the web site. We do this to stop us being "bombarded" with spoof users.

Once you have activated your account, you will login using your username and password. You will then see options that were not there before which alllow you to do things like alter your details and submit an article. If these menu options do not appear then it will be because you have not logged in. If you shut down your browser then you may need to login again to get access to these items.

Once you have registered and logged in you will be able to:

  1. add articles and news items to the site
  2. submit an event for the village calendar
  3. comment on articles on the web site
  4. vote in village polls
  5. add photos to the gallery

Some articles include attachments. This is to make it easier for authors to submit articles that have been written using a package such as Microsoft Word. Now not everyone uses Microsoft Word and it's not cheap to buy. So we have standardised where possible on the PDF format for attached document files. To read documents in this format you will need to have installed a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader which is free and is available on this link

There are three "menus" that we will be referring to on the web site. The Main Menu appears on the left of the screen. More items are added to the Main Menu when you have logged in. The Main Menu appears on most pages - except notably for the Events Calendar for reasons of space. Two other fixed menus are always in view. The Top Menu appears below the site logo. The Footer menu appears at the bottom of the screen and provides access to administrative and policy documents.


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