This diagram was used for the September newsletter in 1994. This was well before the present team took over and prior to the new photocopier. It is of a harvest mouse one of our smallest mammals, weighing only 1/6th oz (4.5 g) but measuring 5 inches (12.7 cm) in length, 2½ inches (6.35 cm) of this is its tail which it uses as a climbing aid. It weaves its nest hanging from the corn stalks, where it is well disguised from predators and near a plentiful supply of food. This drawing was done by Matthew Arnold (Dot Reed's grandson), when he was a schoolboy .

Have we no budding artists in the village today? We would be pleased to use any suitable topical sketches so please contact Joan Pillmoor Tel: 550270

The Front Cover for the last edition featured a coot. I am sorry to report that, when the copies were distributed, the pair of coots flew away (perhaps they didn't like the publicity!). They must have decided to try their luck elsewhere as their efforts to reproduce here went so badly wrong.

The geese have all flown away to their feeding grounds now that the goslings are fully grown. There were far fewer of them this year. They have once more had to leave behind the poor lonesome one with the "angel wings". It obviously had a happy spring and summer mixing with its own kind - probably the same family. It now looks rather forlorn especially as its pal, the Muscovy duck, has been run over.

Can we please have your articles for the November Edition before OCTOBER 25TH.

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