News report

I have little crime to report within the Village although there have been minor thefts at the College.

There have been reports of 'cold callers' going round the village even when it is getting dark. If you would like to obtain a sticker for deterring Doorstep Selling they are available from Jack Wray (550308).

Gerry Brooks

Hare coursing

We have been advised by the Police that there has been an up surge in Hare Coursing in this area. These activities, which involve gambling, are well organised usually by people from outside this area.

The Humberside Police are taking a very strong line to stamp out this cruel practice and have apprehended a number of culprits who are being dealt with through the courts. However, they do need information on which to act and in this respect are seeking our help.

Please advise PCSO Nikki Cliffe on 01964 530320 of any suspicious gatherings, together with if possible, car registration numbers.

Jack Wray


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