If Willy had been a stick of rock he would have had farmer written all the way through him. Farming was his love and passion.

Willy was born at Lings and spent all his life there apart from about a year when the family moved to the grange and he slept there but still worked at Lings during the day.

Like all youngsters in agriculture he joined the local marriage bureau, ‘The Young Farmers', where he did the usual tasks like sheep judging and match ploughing. It was also through the YFC that he met Mary. They met and married in fairly smart time and a year later the family arrived at regular intervals. He was very proud of his family and especially as grandfather to the next generation.

Willy was keen on wildlife and the environment. He cared for the environment in which he worked in a practical way and he loved shooting and there was often a fox on hunting days much to my father's pleasure.

William was a sidesman at the Church in Bishop for many years and a member of the Feoffees Charity which administers the Hansby Trust.

John Byass told me Willy had a coin collection, started with coins found on the farm, of which he was proud. Being a true Yorkshireman his wallet would appear to be welded shut. He did not like parting with money!

Willy was a tax commissioner and was the longest serving commissioner for the Beverley District having been appointed in 1968. He always wanted to see fair play and woe betide the revenue if Willy thought there were wrong or ill prepared

Whenever I saw Willy I knew I was going to set aside at least three quarters of an hour because he loved to chat and my goodness we covered some subjects. William Benjamin Byass was one of life's true gentlemen and he was one of Bishop Burton's best and the world is a sadder place for his passing.

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