What a thought! What is bleak in life? Where do we only see a long dark tunnel?

Where are the answers to suffering, or all the problems that we deal with every day? Where is hope?

Easter is the moment when light shines into darkness. The one who came to show us the way to correct things, who showed a better way, who had power to go with his love to alter things was crushed and destroyed. Darkness had triumphed. The dawn of another hope had been well and truly put down again.

BUT, on that Sunday morning it not only came back it proved itself to be an indestructible hope.

Jesus' resurrection proved that the hope he brings is not extinguishable, but triumphant and certain.

Jesus' death and resurrection is either the biggest nonsense, just another false hope, or it is life giving and the most important fact of life. You may feel that there is no area of your life that needs hope at the moment but hang on to this truth for the future. We are all fragile and if you feel that way and need hope, why dismiss this news? Surely it is worth exploring. If it is true it will transform your life. Is that not worth more than a little consideration?

Start searching, talk to those who believe it, come to church, read the Bible and see what Jesus really said and did, or maybe join the Alpha Course later in the year to explore this.

I love Easter. From the dark depth of a defeated Good Friday comes the victory of the Resurrection Sunday.

Defeat to victory. Doesn't that sound exciting?

Get excited this Easter. Explore the truth.

God Bless.


Maundy Thursday - Holy Communion with Stripping of the Alter at Cherry Burton Church - 7.30pm

Good Friday - Holy Communion at All Saints Church, Bishop Burton - 9.30am

Labyrinth at Cherry Burton Church (drop in at any time through the morning and journey round the church through stations with aids to prayer and reflection on the Easter Story.

Good Friday Meditation at Cherry Burton Church - 11.30am

Easter Sunday - Easter Communion at All Saints Church, Bishop Burton - 11am